“Meditations for Staying Positive”

In the world we live in there are many reasons to feel overwhelmed. That’s why we created this list of podcasts entitled, “Meditations for Staying Positive”. This is a list of 10 uniquely chosen podcasts to put you in the mood for thinking positively about your life and so you are looking forward to the future. These are all informative pieces, many with guided meditations that you can do at home. Many of the presenters use short-form podcasting (around 10 minutes) to get their message across in one concise presentation. In this world of conflict and negative messages, here are just a few examples of how to stay positive.  

Affirmation Pod: Facing the Day

With her calming presence, meditation instructor Josie Ong takes us through the practice of noticing our thoughts while watching our breath. This meditation is ideal for those who are having trouble taking it one day at a time.


Tiny Leaps, Big Changes: Reasons to Start Meditating

“How loud are your thoughts? How loud is your brain?” asks host Gregg Clunis. This episode explores the benefits of meditation and helps listeners to get inspired to meditate for well-being and emotional regulation.


Mindful in Minutes: A Meditation For Worry

When overcome with worry, you may need a way to release your feelings and this guided practice may be helpful. Through breathwork and visualizing the worry as a written word we release the thoughts that have us concerned. 


Mindful Meditations with Krystal: Breaking Negative Thought Patterns

Mindfulness teacher Krystal takes us through a breathing and movement routine to calm our mind and center ourselves in our bodies. This wellness exercise can be done with movement in the hopes of achieving balance.


The Daily Meditation Podcast: Gratitude Affirmation

Gratitude is an essential part of achieving wellness. In this episode, host Mary Meckley advises us to keep a gratitude journal and even write a letter of gratitude to someone we know. She closes with the affirmation of the day about being grateful.


The Positive Head Podcast: We Are All Powerful Creators

Host Erica speaks of the infinite potential that creates the human spark. It is all within our own power to choose positivity in our lives. She plays a clip from Abraham Hicks on being the center of our universe.


The Meditation Podcast: Destressing the Body

A body scan is a common type of meditation practice where the guide goes through each part of the listener’s body putting awareness on the different parts of one’s anatomy. This helps systematically relax each part of the body, creating total body relaxation. The guide of this meditation takes us through this practice with ease and grace for us to achieve a relaxed state of body and mind.


Emotional Badass: The Space Between Meditation

Psychotherapist Nikki Eisenhauer speaks of the doubt we have when choosing meditation as a guiding practice. “Am I a good meditator?” “Am I doing it right?” She addresses these fears and gives tips to overcome obstacles we put in our own path when it comes to our wellness.


CreativeMornings: Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is on a global mission to create work environments that improve our quality of life. In this motivational speech, he highlights examples of people working together in teams and through collaboration.


Daily Breath with Deepak Chopra: Total Meditation: Being Awake Versus Being Asleep

Deepak Chopra fully explains the differences in states of consciousness and the benefits of being awake and being asleep. No living person is completely one way, we are all a mixture of both states of being. Your personal balance depends on your awareness.