An ode and a guide to the beauty of making your living space your own

Family enjoying a meal in a nicely furnished living room
Photo by Jimmy Dean on Unsplash

By Heather Riemer

Our home is so much more than a roof and walls, It is a place where we explore the possibilities of who we are. Whether we have a place that’s a tiny studio or something larger, it is up to us to make that place our home. And as the title says, ‘Home Is Where the Heart Is’ but how does a person make a house or an apartment a personal space, a place conducive to wellness? The goal is to have something unique, all your own, and where you feel truly comfortable. There are a lot of factors to consider such as airflow, and spatial structure. It should contain all the elements such as warmth, cool air, healthy food, and space to get physical.

Thinking about your personal environment, it is best to create an atmosphere that you can breathe in! You might want to consider maximizing the airflow by creating cross-ventilation by keeping windows open whenever possible or even adding a fan so that the air circulates. We are the air that we breathe. So if your apartment or house is completely closed up, you might not have the feeling of fresh air. Here in California, we are blessed with fairly mild winters so we can open our windows. This can make all the difference.

You want to look at your space. What is the best way to create an open atmosphere with the floor plan you have?. You want it to be as personal as possible. You might want to have an area where you can practice yoga, meditation, and/or mindfulness.  If you have hardwood floors you can always use a mat which you can roll up and put to the side. Or perhaps a floor covering that is multipurpose. You want your space to be a reflection of you. Carpeting will work fine as well.

Plants and greenery can definitely improve your space. Plants allow oxygen to flow making the atmosphere healthier so you can breathe better. Also, you can create ambiance by placing candles or having nice lights in your space. Lighting can change everything! Adding random pieces of art in different mediums can be very meaningful too. Just remember less is more. Even in a small space, you can create the illusion of largeness by leaving it as open as possible. If you have an outdoor area that is great. Spending time outdoors can really make you feel better. We can always make the most of what we have.

Along with greenery, you can keep fresh food on hand. Cooking and eating fresh fruits and vegetables can make you feel healthy inside and out. If you are worried about finances, remember that eating fresh food can cost less than pre-prepared instant food. Another plus! Remember to recycle, and anything you don’t use, get rid of it by sharing with others or composting. Healthy food means healthy you. We are experts on ourselves. Keep it clean and simple. No clutter! 

Cleaning can be therapeutic. Being organized can make all the difference in one’s state of mind. Feeling content while spending your time in a place is very important. If you work at home, try as much as possible to keep your workspace completely separate from everything else In your house. That way when you are working you can focus solely on work. and when you are off work you stay out of the home office. These may sound like simple suggestions, but you would be surprised how we get away from having a space that is truly a comfortable place for us. We spend a lot, if not the majority of our time in our home. Just like anything else, it takes effort to make it just the way we want it. You want to open that door and know without a doubt that it is your home and place where wellness happens. A place for exercise, healthy eating, good rest, and relaxation. A place you can kick off your shoes and go ahh. This is your home and this is where you heal. Let it reflect your image.

A note: If you share your space with others there is always a way to compromise. Perhaps your children’s play area can be converted to your workout area at night or something to that effect. A home is a big part of your wellness so whether it is large or small. You can create a special place where less is more. Remember your home is where your heart is, and It is up to you to embrace your place!