With the days getting longer, it’s time to keep those feel-good jams going longer as well

By Kimberly Marquez-Cortes

As we enter a semi-post Covid world I know that I am taking a special look at my wellness tools for this summer. In the spirit of collaboration and mutual learning, I’d like to share a wellness tool in the hope that it can inspire you and that you may in turn want to share your wellness tools with us.

According to the Wellness Recovery Action Plan® work, Wellness Tools are things you do to keep yourself well, and the things you do to help yourself feel better when you are not feeling well. You may have discovered them yourself or learned about them from others.  Most of them are simple, safe, free, and non-invasive.

One of my favorite wellness tools is listening to music. In preparation, I am taking a look at a few playlists that I follow on Spotify and Youtube. 

For work: 

I tend to listen to songs with no words as it helps me really focus on my tasks.

At home or on the go: 

I listen to songs that make me want to jump up and dance or sing my heart out.

What are some of your favorite summer songs to sing, dance, or just jam to? Share them with us on Instagram using the hashtag #WeArePEERS.