Life is a song worth singing so why don’t you sing it? These are the words of an old song that was first sung by Johnny Mathis, a pop and jazz artist and later performed by the late great Teddy Pendergrass, remember him? Well whether or not you know of or remember these artists is not as important as remembering the song lyrics and the message of the words.

Think of the word ‘song’ as an umbrella for any and all things creative; any and all things that bring joy, happiness and a sense of well-being to your life. Singing, dancing, acting, directing, living, loving, caring, writing etc. are all under my umbrella of wellness. If you are passionate about dancing, then dance. If your love is to paint, draw, sculpt, then by all means, do these things with gusto. Enjoy doing them while you can and as frequently as you can. Extract the joy and beauty that comes from self-expression and from living life to the fullest.

Many of you know that I am a performing artist in my professional life. The things mentioned above are things that I enjoy. When I am not wearing the hat of being the Programs Outreach Coordinator here at PEERS, I am deeply involved in my art; singing and writing in particular.

If you would like to witness an artist at work and play, then please join me at the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living, (OCSL) located at 5000 Clarewood Drive, in Oakland CA. on 4th Sunday, March 26th 2017 at 10:30 am. PEERS has partnered with OCSL during the month of March. On that Sunday I will go from being the artist/music inspiration for the day to being the Mental Health Advocate and Outreach Coordinator when I address the congregation and speak of all things PEERS.

The PEERS Outreach Table will be on display in the courtyard and after the service I will be co facilitating a WRAP Workshop in the social hall. You are all invited. So, come on out and get your spiritual inspiration on. Meet and greet with a wonderfully kind and loving spiritual community where I sing for wellness and enjoy the delicious meal after the service. What is your passion? What is your song? Sing it! Let me know. Kozi.