by Lyndsey Ellis

Summer’s end is upon us, and Mercury Retrograde is here again. True to its 3-week tumultuous nature, this annual time period hasn’t seemed to bring much good, especially in terms of this month’s overall social climate.

Like millions of Americans, I’ve kept my eye (no pun intended) on news about today’s Solar Eclipse and relied on the phenomenon to be a dose of positivity to jumpstart this week. According to the New York Times, the United States hasn’t experienced one that graced the entire country since 1918. It’s pretty amazing stuff, to say the least.

I won’t be as close to this occurrence as many people who’ve travelled to spots in towns along the path of totality, but the unity the event has sparked during challenging times and moral outcries galore is leaving a positive impression that I’m enjoying. The national level of optimism seems at an all-time high.

Sure, animals may get a little sidetracked. There’s also the looming danger of some eager viewers who’ve ignored safety precautions and dared to check out the eclipse with their naked eyes. I’m still betting that these few hours of community and togetherness for a number of us will trigger healthy responses and good vibrations that have a healing impact on our sanity and wellbeing, one that we’ve all been waiting for.

Check out these resources to learn more about 2017’s Solar Eclipse and its interesting impact throughout the country and the world:


The eclipse as seen from PEERS.