Yesterday, PEERS’ Lift Every Voice and Speak (LEVS) program hosted a speaking event that was open for friends and family to attend. LEVS members took turns sharing their own stories of wellness and recovery, while showcasing their public speaking skills to their loved ones. Many of the speeches touched on moments of personal crisis and subsequent growth. Food and light refreshments were provided to the attendees as well.

This event was part of a series of family-focused efforts that PEERS is currently undertaking on the behalf of Alameda County Behavioral Healthcare Services. For the current fiscal year, PEERS is focusing on engaging the friends and family of mental health consumers in order to involve them in the East Bay mental health community. Stay tuned for future family-oriented events, activities, and media from PEERS.

What is Lift Every Voice and Speak?

LEVS is speaker’s bureau that provides a safe space for mental health consumers to hone their public speaking skills and share stories of wellness and recovery. LEVS members work together to share personal stories that educate, enlighten, and inspire themselves and their communities about mental health. LEVS meets every first and third Wednesday of the month from 10am-12pm. Contact 510-832-7337 for more information.