Tomorrow is the first Spanish-language support group at PEERS. This group represents the culmination of Everyone Counts Campaign 2016-2018, which is focused on providing services and reducing stigma for the Latino/a/x community in the East Bay. Building off of the Asian American Pacific Islander focus for 2014-2016, the Latino American Action Committee (LAAT), comprised of community members with mental health experiences or who have family with mental health experiences, has developed a culturally-responsive curriculum to guide the group meetings.

Mental Health Stigma is a problem for many communities, including for Latino/a/x Americans. External stigma keeps potential mental health consumers from receiving the care and support they need in order to recover and thrive. Self stigma hinders consumers from getting the full benefit from peer support and other services. The LAAT has attempted to address both forms of stigma in order to create a healthier, more inclusive mental health community for Spanish speakers.

According to research from SAMHSA, Latino adults with a mental health challenge are 34% less likely to receive treatment.

For more information about the LAAT or the support groups, please contact  510-567-7621 or email