PEERS is currently hosting a 5-Day Seminar II: WRAP® Facilitator training. This training will be happening all week at our Oakland office. It is for anyone who has attended the Seminar I training and wishes to increase their facilitation knowledge. WRAP participants who have attended 8-10 weeks of a group but have not attended the Seminar I training are also eligible to participate.

There are no academic or professional prerequisites for the seminar. Trainees are encouraged to use their own experiences with wellness and recovery to help inform their understanding of the materials presented by the training leads. However, merely attending the seminar does not guarantee certification of success in the course. Each participant is required to complete four different performance elements during the training. Those who receive a certification can then go on to co-facilitate groups in the community and even work as a WRAP contractor for PEERS or other mental health organizations.

WRAP General Info

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) is a wellness planning tool that helps individuals with mental health experiences attain their highest level of personal wellness. WRAP focuses on wellness and wholeness rather than illness and sickness. Participants create the WRAP plans themselves, rather than by a medical expert. This allows for a personalized curriculum that responds to the individual needs of the participant. PEERS provides WRAP groups free of charge! No need to sign up ahead of time.

PEERS hosts a general open WRAP group on Fridays from 1:30pm – 3:30pm at our office in Oakland (333 Hegenberger Rd Suite 250).

PEERS is a diverse community of people with mental health experiences.  Our mission is to promote innovative peer-based wellness strategies. We create culturally-rich, community-based mental health programs that honor diverse experiences and confront stigma and discrimination.

Please contact Rachel Beach at or call (510) 567-7612 for more information about our WRAP program.