Yesterday, PEERS’ Spirituality Group came together to discuss the role that spiritual appreciation can play in wellness. This group meets every second Tuesday of the month, from 12:30 to 1:30. The group’s abiding purpose is to sustain and broaden the conversation about spirituality’s role in nurturing mental health recovery. Group members of different faiths find common ground through their conversations about wellness.

For yesterday’s meeting, group participants took part in an activity called: “Planting New Beginnings.” Attendees were asked to consider their wishes for spiritual growth and renewal in the new year. Afterwords, everyone planted seeds from basil, chives, and catnip plants into small ceramic bowls, symbolizing the chance for new life in 2018.

Interested in attending a Spirituality meeting? Participants of all different faiths are welcome to attend and exchange spiritual ideas. Please contact Program Coordinator Lyndsey Ellis