PEERS has a new video introducing WRAP to the public! Watch below, or visit our WRAP page to find our more about this flagship service. The Wellness Recovery Action Plan ® is an evidence-based practice used worldwide by people dealing with mental or general health challenges and by those who want to attain the highest possible level of wellness.

PEERS provides WRAP groups free of charge. WRAP focuses on wellness and wholeness rather than illness and sickness. PEERS offers a series of 1-day, 3-day, and 5-day workshops designed to give participants the tools for improving their own lives and ultimately help others do the same. We also offer ongoing groups for those who want implement WRAP® into their own lives on a daily basis.

PEERS releases videos to educate the public about mental health services in Alameda County, reduce the stigma surrounding mental health experiences, and provide community and support to those in need. Read more about this program on the Copeland Center website.