Mental Health is a worldwide issue. Depending on where you are diagnosed, hospitalized and treated
for your condition you may have an entirely different experience than someone living in another

Countries with the highest amount of mental health disorders where US, Ukraine, Colombia, New
Zealand, Lebanon and France averaging at about 20% of the population. Countries with the lowest rates
where Japan, China, Nigeria and Israel averaging at around 7% of the population. Data shows that many
disorders increase as a population grows older.

When looking at treatment in psychiatric hospitals developed countries like France has little in the way
of programs for patients inside the hospital. Depending on what part of country, many US hospitals use
activities and support groups to keep patients occupied and active during their time. Countries like
Canada offer some wellness programs, typically more than France, but less than the U.S.

In regards to first responders to a crisis, when a call is made in another country about a psychiatric
emergency, who is to say it requires police action? How do authorities know when a person should be
taken to a hospital instead of imprisonment? In developing nations, often there is not a crisis team
different than law enforcement to deal with mental health issues. Even in the US we find that we
continue to need better education of law enforcement to understand when there is a mental health
crisis as opposed to a criminal action.