By Kenneth Kozi Arrington

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Lately, I have been so stressed out that it’s hard for me to be positive about anything. I‘m at war with myself. There is no peace. When I feel like this my mind starts to play tricks on me and I start to have these three-way conversations between me, myself and I. 

We, (me, myself and I) think things that are negative and self-defeating. We say things to ourselves that are unkind and menacing. We act out in ways that can be harmful to ourselves and alarming to others. All of this, simply because, we have been triggered, probably on so many levels that we have become overwhelmed. 

The early warning signs may have been so subtle that we either didn’t recognize them, ignored them or dismissed them as just another headache or stomach ache

Now things are breaking down and getting worse. My thoughts are irrational and spinning out of control. Remember, I’m talking to myself about myself. This negative self-talk or stinking thinking is my worst enemy. 

Is what I’m thinking about and saying to myself over and over and over again based in reality? Probably not. Is it really true at all? Not totally. So why then do I beat myself up about things and foster beliefs that are not based in reality? Could it be that they are based on my level of self-esteem or lack thereof? What can I do about it?

In times like this I am glad to be able to call on my Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP®). Having a WRAP® is a tool; a wellness tool that I can use to help myself deal with the difficult feelings and destructive thoughts, signs, symptoms and/or behaviors which for me are indicators that I may be heading for a crisis. 

So, if you can relate to what I am saying or if you have ever had similar thoughts and feelings, perhaps you will consider giving WRAP® a try. After all, you have nothing to lose and a world of mental health and wellness to gain. 

This is a little of what you can expect to happen if you join the online WRAP® group sponsored by PEERS. WRAP® works for me! Won’t you give it a try? When you do, let me know how it was, okay? Peace!