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By Heather Riemer

A great wellness tooI I have found is taking a trip to the dog park.

There is one in Richmond called Point Isabel, a big park right next to the water and it is wonderful. My friend Petra is a professional dog walker and sometimes I join her when she is taking her dogs there or at smaller dog parks in Berkeley. She will go dog walking either at Point Isabel or in Berkeley and it is always an exceptionally great wellness tool to go to the dog park. So if you are interested in a great exercise for you and your pooch, and interesting conversation the dog park is a great place to go. Enjoy!

One thing that is interesting about going to the dog park is seeing all the different types of dogs! I never knew there were so many breeds. I am always surprised at all the amazing types of dogs there are.

But more than the different types of dogs is all the different types of people. It is true that people match their dogs. People seem to be very similar to their dogs not just in a physical sense but with personality as well. You will see a real friendly dog with a really friendly owner and then there will be a dog that is jumping around and their owner is too! It is the same with a dog that is shy – their owner will exhibit similar traits. 

But the best thing about the dog park is the random conversations that go on. I have never had such amazing random conversations at the dog park. I have had conversations that have been very helpful and some that have been super meaningful as well. Also, some conversations have been light and fun.

A dog park is a place where you can get physical exercise and intellectual stimulation even without a dog!