PEERS is supporting you through your WRAP® journey with daily blog posts. On Wednesdays, we provide sneak previews of what you can expect when you join one of our ongoing WRAP® groups.

This week’s sneak preview is a Values Clarification worksheet from PEERS Programs Outreach Coordinator and Advanced Level WRAP® Facilitator Kenneth Kozi Arrington.


In addition to my job as PEERS Programs Outreach Coordinator, I also co-facilitate a Wellness Recovery Action Plan, WRAP, group from 10 am till noon on Mondays.

Last week we were covering the Crisis Plan, parts 1-4. I decided to ask the check-in question: Have you had to modify your Crisis Plan because of COVID-19? It proved to be an important question to ask as just about everyone said, yes. Thinking about how much everything has changed since March of this year prompted me to ask the question.

If you know anything about WRAP, you know that the Crisis Plan is the only part of WRAP that one is required to share with their designated supporters. The crisis plan instructs others about how to care for you when you are not well and is a very important part of WRAP. Others will know what to do for you, saving everyone time and frustration, while ensuring that your needs will be met.  

We talk about who will come into our homes and take care of us, our children, pets, bills, yards, plants, etc. if we become incapacitated or are hospitalized.

Well, with Corona dictating our lives, those types of supports no longer exist for countless people. Social distancing, sheltering in place orders, and maintaining bubbles prevent those interactions from happening safely. So, what does one do now? Is there a plan B? There are so many questions and so few options and answers because of the pandemic. Critical care has become more complex than ever. Imagine that.

So, this is just a sneak preview of the sort of topics we cover in the WRAP groups. If you’re interested in hearing and learning more, please join one of the many virtual PEERS WRAP groups held during the week. We also have monthly WRAP Core Value Overviews that one can register to attend. All of the services offered by PEERS are free! 

For more information about WRAP and other PEERS Programs, contact PEERS at 510- 832-7337 and inquire.