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Greetings, Blessings and Happy October to you and yours. As this year plunges ahead we are  on the threshold of yet another holiday season. One that comes with COVID-19 and it’s stipulations – social distancing, masks and more. I  refer to these times as the ‘New Norm’. Now I’m thinking about incorporating My Traditional with the New Norm moving forward. 

Thankfully my now adult children – who remember the traditional holidays   – will be hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas in their homes for our family this year- decorations, food and celebrating the new addition.  I think Halloween / Trick or Treating in the new norm will have to be creative.  For me the new norm would be limiting guests to immediate family only.

When it comes to extended family and friends – I will be doing the traditional cards, calls and texts.  I never really used virtual platforms like Zoom or Facetime sort of apps around the holidays in the past, but they have quickly become another new norm for me.

I look forward to when the world opens up a little  more so I can reach out to friends and family I miss so dearly.

Be it traditional or new norm, I am looking forward to the holidays. I wish you Joy for your home and family. Peace and blessings for now.