Managing money wisely can be helpful in managing overall mental health

Stressed out man holding his head in front of a wall of money
Illustration by Alejandro Ramos / Photos by ahmad gunnaivi and Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

By Heather Riemer

I will start this post off with this quote from French philosopher Albert Camus:

“It is a kind of a spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money.” 

I know from experience that it’s difficult to be happy without money. I mean just think about it. Without money, it would be difficult to keep a roof over your head or food on your table. You would be constantly worried about your loved ones and yourself. What if you were sick or injured and lacked money? You probably would not be able to go to the doctor to get medicine or treatment. 

So right from the gate, money affects your mental health. 

We need money in this world to survive, We need to thrive. Thriving is a whole different story! That goes above and beyond just getting ends to meet. It is the little things in life that count. And it is hard to get those little things without money. You can lose sleep over bills, or what if you go on a manic spending spree? It can be very difficult to manage the financial world whether we have very little money or a lot of it. I would just like to say there are many solutions to the problems that money (or lack thereof) can create.

Educating yourself about finances can be helpful. Creating a budget and fixing your credit can affect your life in a positive way. 

I came across this article about a monetary toolkit for those of us who might have mental health challenges. You will find the link to this below where you can download the toolkit and perhaps print it out. I promise you will not be disappointed. It is a wonderful yet simple resource to have. I think you might find it useful in many ways. If you like this article and would like to read more about money and mental health, let us know and perhaps I can write some more on this topic.

I am going to end this post the same way I started it. With a quote. Only this quote is much more positive. I hope you enjoyed this post and even more, the toolkit.

”It is the health that is real wealth not pieces of gold and silver” -Gandhi