Our Senior Program Manager Bre shares how she uses music to uplift her mood within her wellness practice

Photo by dusan jovic on Unsplash

By Bre Williams

Summertime is upon us! We are still in the shadows of the pandemic, but we can get out of our homes and get out in the sun! 

Being outside and soaking up some sun, being in nature, and being in healthy social spaces are great ways to increase feelings of wellness. Do you know what else can do all of this and more? Music! Music can be a powerful tool for wellness. Sometimes, a forgotten favorite will take you on a nostalgic journey to some of the sweetest times of one’s past, or feel like a best friend giving you all of the words you need to hear at that moment. 

Music is a safe and simple way to increase feelings of joy. Sometimes in my wellness experiences, I can become stagnant and forget to move. I forget the power of the mind and my ability to produce a positive thought. I forget that I am on the right track in my life; that it is a journey and there is no destination. Music is the shapeshifter, the change agent that I can easily access to change my mood and create some new emotions and thought processes. 

I have many playlists across different platforms to access my music. YouTube, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify are a few of the music services I use. My playlists have names that remind me what I need those tunes for. I use music to work out, clean up, dance, and relax while doing self-care. “The antidote”, my longest playlist, is full of feel-good tunes that remind me to stay present and enjoy the little things. 

If you are a music lover like me and have not already done so, I encourage you to create a special playlist for your various moods and tasks. YouTube Music and Spotify are free apps you can use to create your own set of songs on a playlist. My favorite app for random songs that flow well is Pandora and iHeart. If you are annoyed by advertisements, Apple Music and YouTube have paid plans. These services let you type in a genre and let the music flow, or create your own set of playlists.