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By Vilma Sakalauskaite

PEERS will start new cycles of WRAP groups on the week of August 16th with a new connection-centered focus.

During the month of July WRAP program at PEERS takes a hiatus. We used this time as an opportunity to deepen our knowledge as facilitators by taking The COVID WRAP Co-Facilitator Training by The Copeland Institute. The COVID WRAP Training also serves as a Refresher Course, mandatory to be taken every 2 years to stay… well.. refreshed. The training was specifically designed for dealing with pandemic/ isolation situations. As course participants we are determined to apply the new materials to our lives, share them with the people we love and with our peers in the weekly WRAP Group Discussions. The course materials are going to enrich the WRAP Introductory Orientations that we hold on the fourth Thursdays of most months from 10 am to 12 pm. 

While holding everyone in the highest regard is the most important lesson of The COVID WRAP Co-Facilitator Course for me, here are some highlights that were shared by other PEERS WRAP facilitators about the training:

“I am going to apply what I learned to my daily life, to start. I spend a lot of time alone or just with the folks in my house because of current situations in my life. Making sure to connect with people from the outside becomes more and more important. I know that I struggle with my mental health if I spend too much time alone. I want to put what we learned into practice to help with my own mental health and that way I believe that I can be an even more effective facilitator because I know how putting these things into practice has positively impacted my own life and I can share that with others” 

– Michael Hayes

“There are so many ways that people define and experience connection!  This [course] really got me thinking about how I define connection for myself, as well as observing how others in my life experience it.”  

– Shawna Leona Sanchagrin

“WRAP is really beneficial if you explore it and use it in a way that is supportive to you. I’m not facilitating to teach WRAP but to share WRAP and allow others to choose how WRAP best fits them. To let go of the fears that I must have an answer to everything asked about WRAP but to be open and use my lived experience to share with others on how WRAP has benefited my wellness. I realize I am the expert on myself and that others are the experts of themselves and what works for me may not work for them but sharing my examples may connect somewhere with participants giving them hope.” 

– Zakiya Johnson

“I learned how awesome WRAP can be, as it changes and grows like the people it serves. It is a wonderful thing to see it evolve and expand. WRAP materials have become a deeper and more meaningful body of work. Most of all I learned was how to reconnect with myself and with others. It has made me realize just how important these trainings are.

I want myself and others to really know what WRAP means in their heart of hearts. So that they really understand it deeply.  But most of all I want to be creative when working with people, helping them to love themselves and practice self-care. 

More people will be able to be a part of WRAP because of the virtual meetings. It gives people who are housebound or anxious the ability to participate. I also plan on using the Wellness Guide to Overcoming Isolation During Covid-19 as a helpful addition.  

– Heather Riemer

The new cycle of WRAP groups is starting on August 16th. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks.

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