We invite you to join Peers Envisioning and Engaging in Recovery (PEERS) as we actively seek new members for our Board of Directors. 

PEERS is a diverse community of people with mental health experiences. We envision a world where people can freely choose among many mental health options that address the needs of the whole person. PEERS confronts mental health stigma by delivering support groups, workshops, and community outreach. We are the premier peer-led mental health alternative for Alameda County residents.

PEERS seeks individuals for our Board who represent our diverse Alameda County community and who have lived mental health experience or have a family member with lived mental health experience. Our Board meets virtually once a month and is comprised of a dedicated vibrant group of individuals. PEERS’ Board terms are two years with the opportunity to continue serving. 

We are inviting interested individuals to email us at hr@peersnet.org for more details.