Shine is an uplifting documentary that features the trials, tribulations, and triumphs or three young adults from the Bay Area who defied the odds and overcame mental health challenges.

The film highlights the inspirational stories of Markeeta Parker, 23, who for the first time publicly shares her story of overcoming sexual abuse and managing PTSD and depression; Arthur Renowitzky, 24, who was paralyzed after being shot and robbed while leaving a nightclub and now educates youth on gun violence; and Brianna Williams, 23, who opens up about feeling different as an adolescent and the importance of peer support.

In sharing their highly personal journeys, the cast shows that even in life’s darkest moments no one can take your shine.

Shine was honored with an honorable mention from the SAMHSA Voice Awards and was an official selection of the 2014 Oakland International Film Festival.