Kara Alyssa A. Bautista, Best Now Intern 2017-2018, was recently certified as a Wellness Recovery Action Plan Facilitator. She shares what that experience has been like so far. 

I, Kara Alyssa A. Bautista, became an official Wellness Recovery Action Plan Facilitator the week of December 11-15, 2017. Since then, I have shadowed Heather Riemer at the South County Homeless Project where her and her co-facilitator, Cindy, promote the concept of WRAP to the residents there.

Through my short time observing and aiding in the facilitation of WRAP, I have discovered that presenting WRAP in reality differs from the scheduled and rigid setting of the training. When proposed in reality, WRAP takes on a more comfortable environment because the concept of WRAP is participant-focused which gives the freedom of flexibility with its answers and its format of facilitation. In comparison with the training, the vibrations of the future facilitators are high because those attending voluntarily chose to endure the process. Tensions are higher because we are acquiring new skills and putting them into practice in front of Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators which gives the illusion of a judgemental atmosphere.

Some characteristics that remain identical are the use of the Values and Ethics, which serve as the backbone of WRAP, and the skills used to present the material, only modified to fit the participants’ needs. Used concurrently, these powerful tools produce a concoction that constitutes a successful group. The pivotal moment is when the participants gain something out of what is being shared, which is rare since it is a closed group and the participants are mandated to attend so the level of enthusiasm varies. Abiding by the Values and Ethics of WRAP have made me a better facilitator and human being because it keeps me person-centered which is what WRAP, and the mental health field, are all about. My dream is to help people and through presenting WRAP, I have metamorphosed into someone who can-a better version of myself.

By: Kara Alyssa A. Bautista, Best Now Intern 2017-2018