Today, Programs Outreach Coordinator Kenneth Arrington and Program Coordinator Heather Riemer gave a two hour Emotional CPR presentation at BestNow. PEERS often collaborates with BestNow, taking on interns and offering presentations to the BestNow students.

Emotional CPR, or eCPR, is a community education program that trains people to assist others in navigating emotional crises. There are three simple components of the eCPR curriculum:

C stands for “Connecting” in which the peer support specialist provides a safe environment for the person currently experiencing a crisis. This is accomplished through deep listening skills, mutual respect, sharing one’s feelings.

P stands for “emPowering” wherein participants explore various wellness options with an open mind, in order to connect with a natural state of wellness.

R is for “Revitalizing”, the process of creating new life in the present moment. This can take many forms, and leads to a more engaged, hopeful existence.

This presentation gave attendees a quick overview of eCPR’s core concepts and applications. PEERS will be hosting a more extensive eCPR training in June. Our last training was in January. Please contact for more information about this program!