Emotional CPR, or eCPR, is a community education program that trains people to assist others in navigating emotional crises. There are three simple components of the eCPR curriculum:

C stands for “Connecting” in which the peer support specialist provides a safe environment for the person currently experiencing a crisis. This is accomplished through deep listening skills, mutual respect, sharing one’s feelings.

P stands for “emPowering” wherein participants explore various wellness options with an open mind, in order to connect with a natural state of wellness. 

R is for “Revitalizing”, the process of creating new life in the present moment. This can take many forms, and leads to a more engaged, hopeful existence.

Emotional CPR is a program that was generated by people with lived-experience of emotional crisis. These people sought to integrate their experiences into a redefined understanding of crisis as a source of growth and self-transformation, not just of conflict and turmoil. Crisis provides the opportunity to realign one’s life and identity with one’s inner beliefs and ethics. This program balances short term relief with longer-term personal growth.

Certification in eCPR necessitates successful application of the three primary skills – Connecting, emPowering, and Revitalizing – in an official training.

Emotional crisis is not exclusive to those of a specific gender, race, nationality, or sexual orientation, etc. It is a normal part of life that affects humanity as a whole. Learning how to properly equip manage emotional crises, both for yourself and for others, is an essential life-skill. If inter-personal support is a priority for you, the Emotional CPR Training course may be an invaluable resource!

Interested in learning how to assist others in emotional crisis? Apply to come to an eCPR Training. The trainings are free and open to anyone.

There are currently no eCPR practitioner trainings scheduled. PEERS typically holds one practitioner training in the fall/winter and one in the spring/summer. Please check back on our website or sign up for our mailing list for updates.