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By Heather Riemer

Recently I was feeling kind of down. I happened to come across an exercise that I thought might make me feel better. It was called “A Love Letter to Myself” I looked it over and I thought,  if I do this, maybe it might make me feel better. So I took some time and completed the ” Love letter to Myself”   And you know what?  I actually do feel better!

I will tell you about it and maybe you can try it,  and feel better too. It includes 3 main parts.  Of course, you can always add what you want to it,  but this is how it was laid out. 

The first step is to think about the things you love most about yourself. Try to focus on the qualities that make you strong, unique, and lovable.  Try to come up with as many as you can and list them until you have maybe around eight of them. This is an example of a few:

                                                    1.     I am Honest

                                                      2.   I am Brave 

                                                        3.  I am kind

The second step is to consider in what ways these benefit you or someone else in your life. Then list them this way. Here are a few examples of step 2 : 

 1. The quality of honesty benefits me because people trust me to complete things independently, allowing me some freedom and creativity.

2. The quality of bravery benefits me because bravery allows me to get through stressful life situations and come out stronger on the other side.

3. The quality of kindness benefits me because through kindness I can encourage people and hopefully impact their life in a positive way.

The third and last step is to come up with ways to honor your qualities in ways that are personally meaningful. Here are some examples of the third step:

1. I will remind myself every day that I am a good and honest person. 

2. Every time that I am brave I take a step toward growth and that feels good.

3. Being kind really helps others and myself more than I realize.  This makes my heart swell with joy.

Those are the three  steps in ” A Love Letter to Myself.” Doing this activity really improved the way I was feeling,  and I think it might help you too.  Personally,  I wanted to expand my love letter so I  added some really heartfelt details. You can do this as well. Get as creative as you want.  It is your letter, no one has to ever see it except for you.

Keep this love letter within reach so you can look it over and even add more to the list of your special qualities as well as step two and three. Write down new things that you might learn about yourself, or things you just might have forgotten. 

Hopefully, as you continue to do this, you will start to feel the self-love that you truly deserve. And if you don’t right away, keep working at it!  This is a step in the right direction.  Writing down your good qualities can be difficult for some of us,  but it will get easier with practice. Please remember; you are lovable, and you are loved!