Get to know our new TAY Program Coordinator and her plans for our TAY programming

Nia Thompson joins PEERS with a background in community-led work, experience coordinating and participating in various youth programs, and she has a passion for racial, environmental, and social justice. When Nia discovered she was a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), she began to investigate and understand the emotional responses she felt from environmental triggers. This led her to a deeper appreciation of self-soothing practices and self-guided wellness plans. Having first-hand experience with mental health struggles and consumerism, Nia recognizes the value of PEERS’ work and is honored to help push the mission forward.

She envisions the TAY Program to be a liberating space where youth of all lived experiences can hold community in a nurturing, interrogative, and intentional environment in which each participant is affirmed in their intuition and agency. Nia believes the best tool we can teach one another is that of self-awareness and self-trust. As the TAY Program Coordinator, she seeks to do just that. Nia’s ultimate mission for the program is to assist youth in identifying and forging their own unique wellness and recovery paths through creativity, transformative visioning, self-interrogation, and utilizing a critical lens.

Nia is an upcoming graduate of San Francisco State University’s Ethnic Studies College, soon completing her bachelor’s degree in Race and Resistance Studies and World Development. 

Off the clock, she likes to take long strolls, explore the Bay Area, binge watch 90’s television and movies, and spend quality time with loved ones. On any given day one could find Nia tending to her houseplants, dancing solo, and consuming chocolate shamelessly.

TAY Leadership Club is set to meet every first and third Wednesday of the month starting September 1, 2021. To learn more about the program, click here.

To inquire about TAY Leadership Club and register, contact Nia at